Hi! I’m Matt.

This is awkward. Sorry…
For as long as I can remember I’ve been into sport. Growing up, I played football for my county before switching to athletics at 18 where I represented England in the triple jump.
A prolapsed disc in my spine forced me to retire from athletics and it was at this point that I started hitting the gym for rehab. I loved the feeling of being in the gym, rebuilding my body, and I quickly got addicted to the process of building muscle and getting stronger.
Over time I began competing in powerlifting, eventually winning a silver medal at the European Powerlifting Championships in 2016.
Now I train as a bodybuilder and use my knowledge to help others achieve their training goals. Seeing someone lose weight, build muscle, get stronger or just grow as an individual is an amazing feeling!
So, what are you waiting for?! Join the community of over 4000 #TeamMDF members who are transforming their lives as we speak!

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“Stepping into the gym for the first time wasn’t easy, so using Matt’s programme really helped me with how to perform exercises correctly and what I should really be doing to lose body fat. Also, being slightly overweight, I had no idea of how I should be eating, how much and how often so this gave me a great idea on what I should be doing. This programme really is a great starting point for anyone that doesn’t have an idea on what to do or how to start.”
Dan Briault
work and family schedule as well as being easy to follow and extremely effective. My strength and physique have reached levels I didn’t know I could achieve at the age of 30. I recommend Matt’s programme to anyone who is looking to improve their physique or overall health.”
Gabriel Smith
“Matt’s programme and diet plan finally gave me some structure and accountability. On top of this, whenever I wanted to change something it was never a problem. It was really easy to track my progress too.”
Jakob Wrenne

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